Monday, February 28, 2011

peach iced tea...

is my favorite beverage this week.
diet coke with lemon doesn't come close.

if you take the garbage out barefoot, the smokin' neighbors will pause from taking a drag from their cigarettes in order to catcall. ew.

if you pour smoke-smell getter-outer down the vents, it will kind of work.

how many days can you go without showering? unknown. and i might just be wanting to find out...

i'm not an alcoholic. but there's something for me in the AA meetings as an addict of a different variety. all i know, is that sitting in a smoke filled room, surrounded by people at least ten or fifteen years my senior, i felt acceptance for the first time in a long time. i felt a little hope. a little heartbreak. and beyond honored to sit and hear stories of people like me, people who are simply trying. 


i'm missing Elder Mitchell Brown. he's in canada on a mission. i should probably send the kid a letter. we spent a lot of time making artwork, he and i.

church with James, my bestest, was definitely good for my soul yesterday. even though the tomato basil ravioli should not have been mixed with cream of potato at the linger-longer.

there is nothing sexier than a teddy bear in a sweater vest. 

i know, sometimes you get carried away with how deep i am, how wise, how inspired. and then i talk about my Wallice bear and you're reminded that i'm six. it's whate'er. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

thoughts of the day.

who freakin' breaks into cars? stealing is the one thing i never really understood.
granted, it's like a given that i'm going to steal my sister's clothes and make-up and jewelry.
and dishes from my mom.
and tools from my dad.
but to break into someone's vehicle? it's just low...
and yet, perhaps the person who broke into my car was poor and needed to feed their baby.
how could i be mad then?

i'm disappointed.
i stalked out my brother on facebook and noticed he's friends with several people who tormented me in high school and that entire time period of my life when i was just not okay.
i don't understand the shallowness there. of them. and of everyone in general.
do people really fear getting involved so much that they'll befriend each other and do nothing deeper than party, eat together, watch movies, and practice making babies.
they don't talk. they just absorb themselves in the shallow things that don't mean a thing.
so i'm disappointed. and hoping that i'm nothing like them, knowing that i probably am.

i'm feeling hurt and betrayed.
i had a few of my closest, most dear friends walk away the past couple weeks.
i realize i said things that caused this. the deepest part of my soul, i would not have walked away from someone like me. whether it killed me or not, i would have stuck around, trying to encourage, to help, to lift them.
it hurts to know that i chose to associate myself with people who wouldn't go to hell and back for me over and over again. they chose judgements and "tough love" as the way to approach me.
does that work? obviously it does not. want some proof? look at me.
both friends who walked away made the point that trying to help me would never work because i didn't want help. i'll be honest. i didn't. but i didn't ask them to help me either....the question, "how do i fix my life?" never meant, "Please fix my life."
how that was misunderstood, i do not know.

you know in Titanic, after they get rescued and everything? and Rose is standing there. it's like sixteen seconds before she finds the diamond in her pocket. and she just looks frozen and heartbroken?
i feel like that's probably how i look. but unlike Hollywood, it doesn't look that great on me.

i am the definition of cynic. there is perhaps, 2% of my heart that hopes for things.
yet, i don't ever let that 2% have a say in what goes on. the few times i've hoped for things, like REALLY hoped for things, they didn't go well for me.
so i don't hope for things anymore. it's like admitting that i want something.
and when that doesn't work out, i'm always crushed.
it's easier to expect the worse. that way i'm never disappointed.

i don't have plans. and i don't know what i want or where i'm going.
it's complicated. that's all there is too it.

other things on my mind today:
i'm the common denominator. so i guess that makes me the obviously problem.
there's a spot on my back that's been hurting and getting worse.
i've been overly tired and just having that, "I can't pinpoint it, but something is wrong with me."
Tiernan, my little brother absolutely rocks at singing and dancing. his play was amazing. i'll write about that later. because it deserves its own blog.
i would like new shoes. and considerate roommates.
i don't feel like i belong anywhere right now. i have people who love and accept me, no matter what. just nothing feels right.
i just want life to be less complicated.
i want to feel safe.
and like i'm not an alien.

anyways, i'm sorry to be so confusing and down and sad and stuff. it's just where i'm at today. and i guess in that regard, where i'm at a lot of days.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dinner for one wednesday...

it's wednesday....not exactly sure where i lost tuesday, but it definitely went missing.
i'm not complaining though.
remember how rockin' monday was?
it was only fitting that it be followed by a long, forgotten tuesday.
and a very wretched wednesday.

i finally had The Breakdown though, which i suppose is okay.

i have this pattern i go through.
i'm okay for a few weeks.
or even a few months.
and nothing really gets me down.
and all the bad things that happen pile up.
and i acknowledge them a little, but i just shrug them off and i'm okay.
but then, eventually, there is a meltdown.
all of the little things turn into a big monster. and we don't get along.

today it was triggered by a to-do list at work that seemed next to impossible.
of course, it was possible. i just had to work late in order to get it all done.
i'm not sure why i was in such a rush to leave. no one besides Loneliness waits for me at home.

i really don't mean to sound cynical and sad.
since deciding i wanted more in life than cheap sex and a Godless life,
my prospects have disappeared.
i suppose it's okay to be alone, if it means you're being good.
i'm just lonely and wishin' i had a friend.

brownies are good and all, but it would be so much sweeter to share...

Monday, February 21, 2011

things that made my Monday the best ever...

well, first of all. look my blog. it's adorable.
so of course my day rocked.

and i was on time to work. and my make-up was done.
i ate brownie-cookies for breakfast.
i remembered to pull the glass of milk off the top of my car before i drove away.
i have mint lip balm.
and a shimmery kind too.

i got a Victoria Secret PINK lanyard free from work.
it would have cost $7.00 had i gotten it from the store.

i talked to James, my bestest on my way home from work.
he really loves me.
and spinning with Crazy Tammie on saturday?
it's soooo on! i can't wait!

my house is clean.
even my room, a little bit.
my birthday flowers bloomed.

a tall, red hair boy came over.
he hung my twinkly lights.
and stole a couple kisses.
but it ended there.
we were very good. 
even though we both wanted to be very bad. 

was Wallice jealous of him? yes, a little.
and in other news, the first fifteen minutes of the pilot to Burn Notice was good.
quote of the night, "that butt...."

none of this was part of the plan...
i like it anyways.

"it's only a kindergarten kind of crush..."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

caution: though deeply inspired, profanities were used.

i went to church today.
like i do on most sundays.
only today, i actually went.

i didn't go to scope out hot men.
i didn't go to waste time.
i didn't go for free food afterwards.

i went to see how it would go.
not well, apparently.

relief society was first. i hate relief society.
but the lesson was actually really good.
it was about resisting temptations and being the best you possible.
definitely a lesson i could learn a few things from.

halfway through the lesson the Spirit whispered in my ear,
"Pay attention, Miss Jaycie. it's time for you to get your act together."
to which, i replied, "why bother?"
no answer.

so after the lesson, they had a little meeting with the new members, of which i am one.
so i went. and instantly noticed a few men i'd like to hit on a little.
to which, the Spirit whispered, "Don't won't have time for a man."
me: "um, what?! i always have time for men. what could i possibly be doing instead of dating?"
no answer.

after the New Member meeting where i put down a deposit on a new ward, i skipped up the stairs to sacrament, where i plopped it down next to a cute new boy who was in the other meeting.
jaycie: "I'll sit by you since we're both new and it sucks to sit alone."
him, smiling, "awesome. it's always a pleasure to sit with a pretty girl."
me, smirking, "well it's my pleasure to grace you with my presence."

sacrament gets underway. this is where things got a little out of hand.
the meeting was focused around Miss Kali, who is going on a mission to Somewhere, Chile.
missionary work. i was about to get up and leave because missionary work surely does not apply to me, when the Spirit whispered, "Oh no you don't. You need to hear this."
me: "Fine! i'll stay."

as the meeting got underway, i decided to argue a little.
me to the Spirit. "why do i need to stay? i'm not going on a mission."
Spirit. " ....are you sure about that?"
me: "um, yes. i've done a lot of bad things just so i wouldn't have to go."
Spirit: "like what?"
me: "i know you already know what i've been up to."
Spirit: "humor me anyway."
me: "fine. i've been breaking the word of wisdom. i drank awhile ago with some friends. and mocha frappuccinos with toffee from Starbucks might rival popcorn on my favorite foods list."
Spirit: "those don't sound so bad. what else?"
me: "you already know there isn't much i haven't done."
Spirit: "remind me."
me: "i had sex with a few guys. in the course of just the last ten months. a whole bunch of times. that should definitely disqualify me, shouldn't it?"
Spirit: "why did you do it?"
me: "so i wouldn't have to go on a mission. you know that."

at this point, i picked up a pen, a hymn book, and the ward bulletin so i could doodle.

Spirit: "why don't you want to go on a mission?"
me: "it doesn't matter. i can't go. in addition to loving coffee and being a harlot, i also have a car payment, student loans out the ass, and a cell phone contract. i have a big girl job. friends. family i'm pretty committed to a whole bunch of things. i can't just leave for a year and a half!"
Spirit: "your phone contract ends December 28th. that's plenty of time before a mission."
me: "okay. that was the least of my worries. i still have student loans. a car payment. a job. a lease."

i had just won my third round of tic-tac-toe against myself . i was starting to run out of space left for doodles.

Spirit: "you can sell your car before you leave. you have a job that should make it very easy to completely pay off your student loans in a year. you could quit your job. your lease will be up in July."
me: "....shit, shit shit. i can't do this!"

the pen fell. i didn't pick it back up. 

Spirit: "look, you don't have to go. you can stay here, marry a loser and have mediocre children. you might be happy that way, you might not. and if you decide to turn your life around and get serious about changing, it will be hard. really hard. BUT it will be 100 times more worth it than staying where you are right now. and who knows? you might not even end up on a mission. some other incredible opportunity might come up instead. but if you don't pull your head out, you're going to miss it all."
me: "okay, but haven't i disqualified a mission? i really have been kind of a slut."
Spirit: "you already know the answer to that one. it's the same one the Adulterous Woman in the Midst was given. Go, and sin no more."
me: "i'm not sure i can..." 
Spirit: "i think you can. you'll figure it out."

i almost started bawling at this point. 

Dear Heavenly Father,
please stop complicating my life. okay, that's mostly my own doing. sorry. i don't like to think it's all my fault, which it completely is. but maybe please stop giving me challenges that i'm sure to fail. 

i don't want to go on a mission. i know it will be really hard. and i might mess up, big time. i think you give me way too much credit on some things. i'm not strong. i'm not good at loving people. i'm not good at waking up early. i'm not good at being in a good mood every day. and i've messed up a whole lot, in ways that i shouldn't have.

but i'll fix it. i'll turn things around. if you say i'll be alright, i'll trust in you. i'll put my hand in yours, and i'll follow you into the light. i won't ask questions. just please don't be mad at me when i make mistakes. i'm not perfect, maybe the furthest from it that i've ever been. 

i'll prepare myself for whatever you have planned for me. i will try my hardest to be what you want me to be.
i always mess up though, so you'll have to be really patient with me. and i can't make any promises that i won't still say bad words, even when i'm really good. i'll try, but that's the one thing i was never really good at giving up anyways. i think you kind of love that about me though. and even though you love them too, i'm not going to be a Mormon like everyone else. if i'm doing this, it's got to be my own way. within reason, of course.

just catch me when i fall, okay? keep me safe. and find someone awesome to love me someday. i hope you know none of this was part of the plan. i don't even have a plan anymore, and that's really scary. and probably part of the reason why i've screwed up everything else.

also, if you have any special people you could send to be my friend and help me work this mess out, please send them. i promise to be nice and help them out on their journey too.

with love and a whole lot of nervousness, but trying to trust you anways,
Miss Jaycie Leishman

eff. now what have i gotten myself into?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

if i were not me...

i would quit my job.
pack up my things.
and head home to wellsville.
because life makes more sense there.

if i were not me...
i wouldn't care that he never writes to me.
i wouldn't miss him every day.
and i wouldn't want to fly to paraguay to kick him, then kiss him better.

if i were not me...
i would take back what i said.
i meant every single word.
but i didn't mean for it to ruin one of the best friendships i ever had.

if i were not me i would get out of bed.
i would explore the salt lake valley.
and i would try to find a new friend.

if i were anyone but me, i wouldn't have eaten brownie cookie bars for breakfast.
and then pizza for lunch, fifteen minutes later.
i would have showered. i would have painted my toenails.
and i would have primped.

i wouldn't act like a six-year-old.
i wouldn't buy my teddy clothes and drag him around.
i wouldn't buy new things as a remedy for a bad day.
i wouldn't cut my hair when i remember too many painful things.

i would be okay with the dark and going outside.
i would fill my time with people instead of DIY projects.
i wouldn't obsess over boys and jeans and madagascar quotes.

i wouldn't use "ouch Charlie," and "i really like it," spoken in a british accent in nearly every conversation.
i wouldn't drive five hours for a best friend's birthday and completely ignore another's.

i would like holidays.
and i would have a normal family.
i wouldn't giggle and secretly wish to scream, "That's what she said!" while eavesdropping on conversations in wal-mart and ikea.

i wouldn't follow people around, wondering how they found each other.
i wouldn't give strangers my telephone number in public places.
i wouldn't know how to change my oil and then prepare a fancy dinner, all in the same afternoon.

i wouldn't stay in bed all day, listening to the rain.
i'd go outside and dance in it.

i would sit still in church.
i would have a tan.
and i'd do something about that extra ten pounds.

but i am me.
and these are a few of my quirks.

they make me who i am. and i am a fan of who that is,
though i'm not always quite sure exactly who that is on any given day.

boys don't seem to like who i am.
but that is not my fault. or my problem.
i don't have the faintest idea of how to be anyone but me.
nor will i try.

i don't care if people think that i'm hiding. or ruining my life.
i am not doing these things.
i am being me. in the only ways i know how.
if it looks like i'm hiding, i probably am. and i can admit that.
i don't wear a mask. i just change a lot. and i'm pretty sure that's okay.

if that is not enough, if i am not enough, then that is okay.
because to someone, i am enough.
and my quirks are perfect. and my imperfections are perfect as well.
i am perfect and amazing just the way i am.

i am perfect because i am trying.

i am perfect even though sometimes i fail.

i am perfect. simply because i am me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

twenty odd years or so...

i turned twenty. only just today.
and i thought it might be fun to recap the last twenty years.

1991. born during desert storm. blissfully unaware.

1992. first birthday present? a baby brother. how did he greet me? by peeing on my face. on MY birthday!!!

1993. nick learned how to walk. so i had to learn to run fast so he couldn't steal my brownies. McCade and i perfected the brownie stealing process. seriously. it's been documented in picture form.

1994. "Jaycie, you look sooo cute!" me: "I know."

1995. daddy's girl. mowing lawns at the cabin. Macey's ice cream cones afterwards.

1996. mom asked, "do you want a girl or boy baby?" i should have said, "neither! no more babies!" i made a mistake and said, "Girl baby." (kidding! i do love and adore that baby girl.)

1997. first grade crush: ian anderson. loved Mrs. Fredrickson.

1998. first trip to disneyland. second grade rocked my life. parents sealed us in the temple.

1999. backstreet boys. miss luthi's class. i had the biggest crush ever on Nick Poppleton. baptized. so cute, seriously.

2000. Mrs. Bankhead was my teacher. Kaloni was my best friend for most of my life. we still are best friends, actually. we didn't have the same teacher ever! but we still made it work. we had sleepovers all the time.

2001. fifth grade...."i will be complete and prepared." EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. tyler jorgensen thought i stuffed my bra. turns out i just got boobs before everyone else.

2002. sixth grade. willow valley. mrs. stoker's math class changed my life. embraced geekiness. love it, even now.

2003. twelve. found the best friend who would eventually ruin me. got a D- because i didn't learn enough spanish. peter jorgensen and i held hands. he didn't like it. chicken bowls. student council. had a crush on jake davidson.

2004. eighth grade. crush on derek pond. he wasn't very nice. megan, sadie, matt, michael, alex, and i. best friends met. we laughed. we listened to green day. watched the o.c. i still watch it though.

2005. ninth grade. best friends ended. fell into a depression that lasted far too long. tenth grade began. ran into the tall, shy, german-speaking, new boy who would eventually become one of my bffs. we spoke only a few words then. too bad, because we wasted some time.

2006. cutting. lonely. self-absorbed. worst year, probably. can't say i really remember it all that much.

2007. sweet sixteen and never been kissed. alcohol. prescription drugs. followed rapidly by kissing and everything else. all of which was force on me. raped twice. laughter gone. survived with boxing and ice cream.

2008. seventeen ain't so sweet. but i turned to God a little, so it got sweeter as the year went by.

2009. disneyland birthday princess?! check yes i was. gradutation. booked it to SUU, which changed my life. made some hard choices, which were all worth it. roommates weekend. "No one even likes school." sent the missionary to paraguay.

2010. vegas the weekend before my birthday. jello cube of suicidal tendencies on my real birthday. made it through that day, barely. then left a little chunk of my heart in alaska. wisdom teeth came out. emery county. logan. court. cedar city. hard goodbyes. airport. kaysville. new families, in additional to the original one that already rocked! bear lake drives. not even words to express how perfect and broken the year was, all at oncee.

2011. branson the twin. too many frogs, no princes. flowers and balloons today. wallice has a broken leg. i need new jeans. spin class. p90x. snugz. peeling stickers off lip balm. smiling more. YSA wards? ick, but kind of excited.

plans this year: puerto rico or alaska. maybe both? missionary returning. maybe moving to logan and calling it home for a good long while. school sometime, perhaps. life's going to rock. i can feel it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

today was a good day...

i took my very first ever spin class.
it's the snob way of saying, "I rode a stationary bike today."
spin was taught by the one and only Tammie Clark.
she's a personal trainer/fitness guru of complete sheer excellence.

and she's located in the cache valley. i really want to live here again,
just so i can always work out with her and be her best friend.

anyways, we jammed out. we worked hard. it was excellent.
and now my butt is KILLING me. because, even though i had the cushy seat, you need more than a cushy seat if you want your butt to be okay.
it's not a sore muscle thing. that will be tomorrow.
it's a sore bones rubbing on muscles thing.

she played songs about love. my faves on the list:
Burning Love. Wynonna.
Total Eclipse of the Heart. Can't remember who?
Bleeding Love. Leona Lewis.
Break your heart. Taio Cruz.
I Believe in a Thing Called Love. The Darkness.

it's my fave song.
and also the way Tammie and I met.
i was working at Cold Stone.
It came on and i shook my bum like there would be no tomorrow.
i sang. i laughed. we partied.
and she was captivated by my charm, as everyone is.

she spent the next two years trying to get me to a class.
a dance class. a yoga class. a weights class. ANYTHING!

last night i worked at Cold Stone for old time's sake. and who walked into my life?
so i made her ice cream and she insisted i come to her spin class today.
i agreed and pinky swore i'd go.

big shocker for us both: i went.

afterwards, we had a heart to heart, she and i.

we talked about a bunch of things under the sun.
friendship. love. sex. salsa. church. marriage. heels.

but, most importantly, she gave me some advice that surely saved my life.

"Jaycie, you have a sparkle. and there aren't many of us left with that sparkle. and you CAN be picky about who you share your sparkle with. not everyone deserves it."

how perfectly fitting for a girl who, thus far, has just been giving it away...
no more, okay?

i deserve more than to just give it away.
i need to surround myself with people who love and adore me.
i need to love and adore myself.
i need to take care of myself.
i need to demand more of others and myself.

i'm a daughter of God.

and i haven't been acting like it.

no more.
i will no longer sacrifice myself for others.
i won't disregard my morals, my intution.
if it feels like a good idea, i'll do it. regardless of what others may think.
it doesn't matter, after all.

i will spend time on myself.
i will fix this girl.
i will smile every day. not because i'm faking it, but because there are things worth smiling over.

and i will hold out for my Mr. Perfectly Imperfect.
he deserves a girl who loves and takes care of herself.

so yes, my butt is throbbing.
but i like it. i like it a lot.
and i'm pretty sure this spinning will pay off.
and then Mr. Perfectly Imperfect will like it too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

to Brandon the very Larsen,

i appreciate you actually confronting me last night after you saw my blog.
obviously it upset several people, and i'm glad rather than reading too much into you you talked to me about it and asked me why i felt the way i did.

talking to me about it directly was probably the most mature of all the ways people handled it.

also, thank you for being honest about things in your life that have kept us from really being in touch and offering to help change it so we can continue to have a great friendship.

i hope you (and all of my friends for that matter) know that i love you and would do anything for you. i hope you always feel like you can come to me, even when i'm struggling and know that it is an honor to help you go through your trials, much in the way you've carried me through mine.

i'm glad you realize we both have needs and are willing to meet me halfway in order to make sure those needs are being met.

you are a one in a million guy and i'm lucky to call you my brother. i can't wait to see you next month for your recital, that by the way, you are going to absolutely rock!

i love you, always and forever,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

to all of my bffs,

you have officially lost your BFF status.
each. and every one. of. you.
because, quite frankly, you suck.

why? you're mental terrorists.
and you are mental terrorists in a pattern.
1. you be nice to me.
2. you talk to me always.
3. you always see me.
4. i get attached.
5. we become legit bffs.
6. you find a newer shinier toy. one less prone to break.
7. you put me in the corner.
8. forget about me a little.
9. and pull me out to play when it suits you.
10. my heart breaks a little.

it's a vicious circle.
and so we're not doing it anymore.

either you want to be my bff, or you do not.
there is no "let's be bffs and YOU call ME all the time when you want to talk or else I will just assume you're fine."

p.s. friendship is a two-way street.
if i make more than 2/3 of the calls and do all the traveling to see you then you probably don't deserve to be my best friend.

this applies to all of my bffs.
if i've ever called you my bff, it applies.

newsflash: i'm not calling anymore.
not unless you call too.
i love you, but i'm not going to force you to be my friend.

so now i only have two best friends:
my Mama Leishous.
and Jordan, the sister.
and Sariah, the hair do-er.

the rest of you can earn it back.
or not.

now this:
is a picture of the paper chain of hours until i get to see Sariah and have beautiful hair again.
i'm excited. oBviously.

***can i just say this does not mean i don't still consider you all friends? it just means you don't deserve the title of a best friend...

Monday, February 7, 2011

you know those people....

who, when speaking, make you want to stab your ears with pencils rather than listen to them?
well...there's one in my house. right now. as we speak.

he's doing kyle's hair or something.
i abhor him.

ew, ew, ew.
he just came in my room.
he touched my things.

and though i detest him, he has good taste in bedrooms.
he loves mine. and it DOES rock.
and it looks French because I AM French.

as soon as it's complete, i'll put up pictures.
it's a work in progress.
i'll probably find some amazing DIY projects this weekend.

i think i'm going home to Logan. I miss my mom.
and i have some cute ideas for throw pillows.
OMGosh! that can be my DIY project.
i. am. a. super. genius.

and my soul desperately needs a pizza date with my bestie,
even though he's not being a good bestie lately.

i could call him negligent and busy. and blissful.

love him, but i am jealous.
it is what it is.

now, excuse me. i have a fragment of a sliver from a cactus lodged in my finger; i must remove it.
you know, i should have bought the stupid thing.
and watered it too much.
to drown the savage little porcupine cactus.
i suppose that's what you get if you touch everything in every single aisle of Ikea. eventually the mutant cacti will try to hack off your fingers.

but if i don't get it out, it could be come infected. and people die from things like that.
i'm not taking any chances.

especially since there's something wrong with my neck already.

ignore this one...

all my stuff is here, but it doesn't really feel like home.
people come over pretty much every day, but they aren't really my friends.
and this isn't really my place.
i don't belong.

at least...not yet.

i'm trying. i promise.
it's just hard.
i'm a stranger in a big, unkind city.
faces aren't familiar.
things are changing every single day.

i'm not sure where i fit here.

i know i might seem like i've got this under control.
it's quite the opposite, really.

i'm walking into uncharted territory.
i'm scared and alone.

so bear with me, please.
offer a hand. i'll grab it.
if i don't laugh at your jokes, it's because there's a lot on my mind.
laughs have been few and far between.
i'm trying. but i'm not good at this.

i'm a runaway girl. i leave when it gets hard.
but there's nowhere to run anymore.

i need people. and i don't really have any here.
so i'm doing things by myself.
i went to church today. it's been awhile.
i guess you could call it progress.
it just felt like another place i don't really fit.

i'll keep exploring.
and i'm sure eventually i'll fit somewhere i fit.
i've been used to steady hands holding me up.
and now i'm standing alone.

i don't like it.
and i don't belong.

not yet.
but maybe someday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

this weekend...

"what are your plans this weekend?"

ugh. i hate this question. why? because i'm a loser.
i don't make plans.
and i don't do anything. ever.

i'm not going home this weekend. i've been banned on account of the super bowl.
they don't want me there. because i'm a distraction.
no one even likes football.

and so i'm staying at home in salty lake.
and i will entertain myself all weekend or something.

i think i'll go see 127 hours, probably by my lonesome.
maybe tomorrow after work.

saturday, i'll probably don some comfy shoes and go exploring around my place.
i might hit up some super secret club that helps people do stuff.

i'll probably eat too much, sleep a ton, and maybe finish putting up the twinkly lights.

sunday: i'm so finding the ward i'm supposed to be in.
i need to meet people. almost as badly as i need to breathe.

then again, maybe i won't take one single step outside my place.
i might just watch the entire first season of Burn Notice.
it's just been sitting there waiting for me since before christmas.
i'm not busy, so maybe i'll become a spy vicariously through that hot guy in the sunglasses.

a-freakin'-men. yay for weekends.