Monday, July 26, 2010

some things make me smile.

i've been a little down lately. so i've decided to compile a list of things that genuinely light up my soul a little. mostly, i just need to bring the smile back to my face...

firstly, this is jordan. my sister. duh.
and Wallice. he's my teddy, bestie, snuggle bug, etc.
and they're in love. which i love.
so without further ado, more things i love today:

overalls. candles. rain. dandelions. smooth, freshly shaven legs between my clean sheets. new tunes. frozen yogurt. brandon the very larsen. mini roadtrips with james. dinosaur days. savage midnight walks. popcorn. hairspray. bubbles. crayons. coloring books. 5 love languages. clean cars. button backpacks. skype. ice cream rockets. tie-dyed t-shirts. new music. silly bandz. trips to get milk so my dad doesn't have to. midnight sandwiches. wallice's clothes. (he has more than me....) letters. picnics.

making my butt look big on a webcam.

glitter. toes. fivefingers. euros. deodorant. soap. eyelash curler.

night lights so wallice doesn't get scared. car washes. pita pit strikes. laying on the sidewalk by coldstone because i'm too lazy to walk all the way to my car sometimes. naps in public. new jeans. old, worn out jeans that might fall off any day now...

my mom. and dad. and their "yard work." jammin' out at work. or in the car. or on my bed while skyping. jammin' in general, i guess. sudoku on my phone so i don't get bored. long talks with the seminary guys who love me even though i'm bad. combs. mascara smears.


minions. robots. rockets. floss.

blog stalking. facebook stalking. being cute. and the funniest human.

i just love this....

i may be a little crazy, but i am capable of love.
and that's a good thing.