Saturday, November 24, 2012

jumping in.

so, Handy Manny is my man. it's official.
like facebook official, which is how you know it's legit! ;)
it absolutely sucks that he's 9 hours away.
i wish he were closer to hold me. i wish i could cook for him.
we skype all the time so we aren't missing too many details.
it's not the same as being with him, but at least i get to see him.

i'm taking a trip to see him in a few weeks.
he's graduating, which is such a huge accomplishment.
i couldn't be more proud of him.
if anyone has graduation gift ideas that are super cheap, holla at your girl!
with Christmas in a month, i'm definitely thinking thrifty!
not to mention getting him something for Christmas.

Handy Manny, if you're reading this, do me a favor and don't graduate in December ever again! :)
also, i'm going to cheese it completely and just say i think you're the cutest.
right now, you're gaming with some buddies. completely geeking it out, and i can't stop smiling and just wishing i were there to fall asleep on you after losing interest in a game i probably won't ever be able to play.
a year of not seeing you when you deploy is going to be rough. good thing you're worth it! :)

in other news,
it's almost 2 a.m. i'm NEVER up this late, which probably explains the goofy, unorganized post.
i'm home all alone this weekend, but i'm working a ton at ColdStone. it is my favorite place, but i'm not young like i used to be. LOL!!!! that is such a joke, but i really feel like i'm struggling.
apparently taking most of the year off was bad for my muscles.

i'm super craving a glass of milk.
and indian food. which, i'm making with James, Mandy, and Jordan on Monday.
Mandy's leaving us for the SLC, so we're having one last dinner.
well, it better not be the last! it's just the last one that will be easy to plan.

As of Monday, I'll be working all three jobs like a mad woman, so cross your fingers i can make it through a couple months of crazy. i always seem to do fine, but when you add the three jobs to the other things i'm working around like the chiropractor, donating plasma, and trying to squeeze in trips to the gym, it might get a little crazy.

anyone have a blog post idea for me? i've been running low on thoughts and my life is boring as of late. just taking it all one day of time, being happy to have Handy Manny back in my life, for real this time, and enjoying the small things before it's time to sweat the larger ones.
all in good time, right?
at the beginning of the year, i'll worry about getting ready for school.
for now, i'm going to love on my family and my man.
i'm going to enjoy the holidays.
and try to lose the pounds i've gained since i've been home.
not an easy feat, i imagine, as it's now the holiday season of fatty pandas...

Monday, November 5, 2012

the quirk...

i am the jumpiest human of all time.
no kidding.
today at work, SIX PEOPLE made me almost jump outta my skin...

they all laugh. hysterically.
i smile a little and go back to my desk to nurse my high blood pressure.
it's probably not okay.

my neck is ticklish. but not like ticklish like, run your fingers over it and i'll giggle sweetly.
no, no, no. that would be fine.
it's like, if you poke it my whole body has a spaz attack.
gentle pokes, harder pokes. just pokes.
and if there are crinkly noises around my neck, same's involuntary. i swear.

i painted my nails tonight because i was sad and needed cuddling.
next best thing, right? they're smokin' hot. lol. that's the shade. it's essie. my one true love.
i spend fortunes on nail polish. i won't apologize.

speaking of apologizing, listen to this. it rocks the socks off the original!
i listen to it on repeat at work. it makes me hate my dumb job a little less.