Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a quick little list.

i hate my Dracula toes...they look like they have mental disabilities.
i'll post pictures tomorrow.

bought a new car today.
Chevy Cruze. i'm soooo in love.
pictures soon. maybe. i always promise pictures but rarely come through with that.

i miss blogging....
i hope soon my life slows down for a minute so i can catch up.

i have mini m&m's on the floor. unopened. that's willpower, my darlings.
i have new twinkly stars. they'll just join the ones i already have. i want there to be a million stars on my ceiling.

it is bed time. i'm wiped out. who knew car shopping was so stressful?
not this girl.
last time it was just fun. this time i wanted to slit my wrists.

nighto lighto!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's only my favorite season...

yes, you heard me. SEASON. Halloween is not just a holiday. it's a season.
and if i could have it my way, the world would be renamed Halloweentown and we'd celebrate it every day.
i don't like any of the other holidays. they all kinda suck, but halloween is like an excuse to play dress-up and be all the things you dream of being but don't actually have time for.

alas, i can't have it my way, but i can celebrate it for awhile.
and what better way to do that than with my super cute nails?

these are the Little Frank Monsters, as they've been dubbed. i'm more than a little obsessed with them.
Handy Manny thinks they all look a little confused, and he's totally right.
i think i'll whip out my Frankenstein skills every once in awhile. they definitely make for a good laugh. i think it's impossible to have a bad day when you have ten of these little guys following you around everywhere!

i'm completely obsessed with them! i keep glancing down at my hands and i have to laugh because they're only the cutest little things in the entire world! :)

tomorrow, they're getting some Dracula friends on my piggies, aka toes. pictures to follow.

over and out!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


i have a three-day weekend coming up. i can't even begin to express my excitement.

in other news, i had an AMAZING weekend with one of my kindred spirits. we went to Moab so she could run The Other Half. i took my bike down so i could get in a good ride while she rain. it was AMAZING! my phone died, so i had to ride in silence, but honestly the scenery itself made up for the lack of music.

i definitely needed a calm, relaxing girls weekend. 

other things running through my head today:
sister wives is on t.v. i'm sorry, but it's just weird. no WAY would i be willing to share and live with another woman. call me selfish, but yes. if/when i get married, there will only be two pieces in that puzzle...once there's a ring on it, those are the rules. besides, it's illegal. i don't care what kind of Revelation You've Received from God. if the US of A says no, that means no. 
i am having some savage hiccups. i get them all the time, but these ones are hurtin'.
my nails need repainted. i've been unusually obsessed with painting my nails the past few months.
my bike is the color of mint chocolate chip ice cream. now when i'm craving ice cream i'll just hop on my bike.
speaking of which, this is a stationary trainer i can have in my house so i don't have to join a gym or buy an entire stationary bike. you just hook your own bike up to it and go. $80? yes.
i think with my three day weekend i'll create some laundry monsters. (more on that later.)
OR maybe i'll work on my Halloween costume, although i have a feeling Wallice's will be the hard one.

in any case, not much has changed. i'm pretty boring, thus the lack of updates lately.
i'll be better, i swear. i have stories and things to say, i've just been busy selling my soul/happiness to TSACMOC, aka The Socially Acceptable Conditions to Make/Obtain Currency.
that was insanely clever, if you caught on. i can't quit laughing at how clever and funny i am.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


today was nothing special, i'll be honest.
but i feel bad for the lack of posts lately, so an update is in order.

only, it's not in order today.
i've got yoga tonight, and that means gathering my best.

just know that i'm still in one piece, i'm content (mostly) and my fave holiday is coming right up.

i'm contemplating turning off the internet in my life for awhile, but you guys know me. i'm kind of an addict.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mean things Hollie says...

one of my very bffs, Holland America, aka Hollie, is the funniest.
we work together, and we've becoming really great friends over the past few months.
i love her, but sometimes she's really mean to me.

i have examples.

we were leaving Carl Jr.'s once and she got a brain freeze.
me: I never get brain freezes...
ha: maybe that says something.
me: that i've eaten too much ice cream?
ha: no...maybe there's nothing there to freeze.
me: :(

one time, wade, a guy we work with, was talking with me and Hollie. I said something sassy.
wade, in reference to me: she is really mean sometimes.
ha: don't mind her. she's just going through her terrible two's.
me: <princess crying, no denying.>

one girl we work with had Candy Land at work.
me: i LOVE Candy Land. can i play?
ha: no.
me, <sad face>: why not?!
ha: you're not old enough. the box says three and up.

honestly, we usually laugh about this stuff for days and days. it's funny. but maybe she's trying to say something about my maturity level...it's not high.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

i thought i'd made up my mind already...

i was just going to find out about porting my number from t-mobile to verizon.
simple, right? wrong...

it was a five-ten minute question about the process, etc.
it turned into a three hour discussion of t-mobile vs. verizon and iPhones vs. everything else.
then it turned into a review of my account.
and some weird questions i've had about my savage little phone.

i am not sure at all what kind of phone i want.
i still lean towards iPhone, but who knows?

in any case, they're sending me a new Blackberry because mine's a POS, and i don't mean Point of Sale.
i suppose i can just rock the new Blackberry for awhile. i don't have to make any immediate decisions.

it was so simple this morning. of course all it took was five men to complicate everything...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

an award because i'm great.

Today, I received my very first blog award!   I cannot believe it!
I feel so honored!

First off, I would like to thank the academy and all the little people along the way who helped me through the years.  And Ellen Degeneres for being just a little less funny and versatile than me, so I could receive this award and not her. :)
Also my family and friends and bloggy friends!  I love you all!

I didn't write any of that. But it was funny, so I'll leave it.

There are some rules, of course! :)
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
Steph, Steph, Steph! First of all, where the freak are you moving? I couldn't figure it out from your blog, Mommy Talk with Steph, so tell me, please. Also, thank you. You're really one of my long-time friends, even though our lives couldn't be more opposite these days. You're amazing, your blog makes me laugh every day, and you're great the way you are, regardless of how often you do or don't make it to the gym, capeshe?
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
1. I am a biker. But not the hardcore kind that could spout of biker jargon. I'm kind of a solo biker. Like, let me do my thing, yo!
2. I think i'm going to go back to school to be an art or an english teacher. Sometimes I think maybe elementary school, but I can't make up my mind. Teacher, for sure though. I'm also leaning towards school in Boulder/Denver, CO. I went out for a concert and it seems like the perfect place for one such as I to fall even more madly in love with my bike.
3. My next big purchase will be the iPhone, which I will be pre-ordering on Friday. I want it, so I'm getting it. My poor phone's about to kick the bucket, so it's time.
4. My favorite color is purple. EVERYTHING in my planet is purple. My second-favorite is red. No one in the entire world knows that. I never wear red, it's not a color that compliments my skin. But my hair is red and I do love it.
5. I really love baking. Eventually in my life I want to have a cute little diner where I just cook whatever the heck I want and people just come in because they know it will be good.
6. I have an unhealthy obsession with rainy days, pickle chips, hot dogs, napping, and pinterest.
(If you don't have a pinterest, comment me your e-mail and I'll send you an invite. It's AMAZING!)
7. my favorite food is popcorn. weird, i know. it barely even counts as food.

3. Pass the award along...
How about, if you read my blog, you get the award?!?!

Monday, October 3, 2011

just a second ago...

i got a text and i grabbed for my phone, hoping it was from you.
it wasn't.

i made you pretty mad tonight, i think.
but it wasn't on purpose, i promise.

i ended up using phrases like, "you don't understand," "i don't have to explain myself," and, "i wouldn't care anyways."

i was just thinking on my way home from work how i hoped to never use phrases like that when speaking to someone i love and respect and care about.

i'm not sure how you hit a nerve, but you did. i overreacted. and you took some of what i said worse than i meant you to. now it's silent between you and i.

did i ever tell you how much i hate silent treatment? probably not...
well, i hate it. i never know what to think of silence. if you say nothings wrong, i'll believe it. if you yell and scream and say you hate me, i'll sorta believe it. but silence is different.

silence is maddening.
it leaves things unfinished.
there are a lot of relationships in my life that are silent.
and i don't want ours, whatever it is, to be one of them.

i get it though. and i'll give you space.
i know i come on strong.
and i'm savage most of the time.
i'm kind of a creep. i can't really help it...well, i could...but where's the fun in that?

the thing i feel worst about was the, "you don't understand." it was belittling.
i had no place to say that. because how could i possibly know if you understood or not?
you know me pretty well. and i think--at least, i hope--that you understood...

i definitely wasn't me at my best tonight.
and for that, i would like to apologize. yes, i'm still a little sick. i'm very tired. and right then i was a little stressed. but that shouldn't be an excuse for what i said. and i really am genuinely sorry i said it.

you know how in dancing guys are supposed to lead?
i took a ballroom dance class a few times in high school. i'm a good dancer.
only i have this terrible habit of taking the lead.
i'm giving it back to you though. because i hate leading, and the power struggle leading up to it.

you be the guy. manly, tough, mysterious. and ridiculously sweet.
i'll be the girl. cute, giggly, overly sensitive. and ridiculously...jaycie.

there's another text. still not from you...

i'll give you your space now, i guess.
take your time too, because i meant it when i said i'm not going anywhere.

i need to move.

to a state where this doesn't happen...where it's not even considered simply because it's that ridiculous.

i'm sure i'll hear crap about how wrong i am to disagree with this...but really, this guy is going to try to ban abortion in utah?

let me be clear. i, Jaycie Leishman, could never have an abortion. because of the way my tender heart functions, i would not (and could not) do it. i'm not saying that everyone is or should be like me though. and i'm certainly not going to force my personal belief on them.

that interview makes me sick. seriously, you're going to teach abstinence-only sex education? you're not going to teach about any kinds of contraceptives or prevention of STDs? i can't even begin to imagine the logic behind that one. "Maybe if we don't bring it up, they won't get any big ideas about trying it!" or, "Maybe if we don't talk about the ins-and-outs (no pun intended) about sex, they won't be able to figure it out."

sorry guys, but it's 2011. i promise you they figured it out. they figured it out as seven-year-olds, when they saw Titanic for the first time without their mothers covering their eyes.

what about the women who end up pregnant because they were raped? they have to carry about baby for nine months, being constantly reminded of the worst night of their life?
what about the 17-year-old who's too scared and confused to tell her parents that she's carrying the baby of the 23-year-old boyfriend who told her he loved her, only to dump her after hearing the news? she's going to have to sit across the table from their "I told you so," glances every day?

no. i'm sorry, but no. it's not as simple as people make it out to be...

inspired by a manly man!

an awesome guy named Erik called in today. honestly, i can't remember the reason he called in, but he was funny and we had a nice chat.

he asked me how long i'd worked for Comcast, and said, "You seem like you're pretty good at this. You must have been doing it for awhile."

oh, not even close...just over 5 months, which for me, is actually kind of a long time, but in the scheme of things, i'm pretty new and i'm way way good at my job.

long story short, it's pretty awesome that i'm a geeky girl.
please note that i'm not a gamer. or a sports fan.
i can, however, change my own oil. and that IS sexy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

calling out to the galaxy from the 435!

i, miss jaycie penny, am deathly ill.
it all started yesterday with an achy spine which led to a fierce headache and a stiff neck.
i downed half a bottle of nyquil, some ibuprofen, and some airborne, in the hopes it would be gone today.
it wasn't.

i called in sick, but then i went to work anyways.
i left in the middle, because i was just miserable.

isn't it funny how the list of things you want all the time shrinks pretty much all the way when you're sick?
mine went from a total of things costing $30,000 to a list of things that are mostly free.

all i want today is to be close to my toilet.
when you're sick, you don't want to spill your cookies in a strange toilet.
i want Handy Manny to come hold me, since he's professional at it.
i wanna watch movies, eat crackers and other kinds of breads, and be snuggled up in my yellow monster blanket since it's huge.
i'm debating a hot bubble bath, but i might pass on that.
and i could go for some popcorn with tons of butter than that.

i have almost all of those things, and the one i just can't have no matter how hard i wish has already promised me a video chat tonight.

aside from the being sick and dying after having been run over by the universe, i'm an okay little soul today. i'm all smiles over here. well not smiling, that takes too much energy, but i'm content.

i cried for a bit. but only because Handy Manny was mean, then cute (mostly the cute.) and also at the end of Toy Story 3. it gets me every single time...but today i couldn't help it. i'm extra wimpy and sensitive when i'm sick.

it's time for Halloween!!! <|:) <--that's a witch.

there's something hiding in my toilet. i finally caught the little beast! :)

i'm getting so excited! i LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween.

Wallice this year is going to be a robot.
and i will be a...i don't know yet. i haven't decided, so if you have brilliant ideas, share them PLEASE!
maybe i could be a witch. or a ballerina. or a princess. or a zombie bride.