Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the boring life.

i forgot what it was like to be a college student. it's been four years since I was here, after all.
i forgot how hard it is to wake up early to make it to class.
i forgot how interesting (and boring) lectures can be.
i forgot how students dress/act/speak.

it wasn't my life for awhile and i forgot

but now, we've been thrown into the thick of it.
i attend classes from 8:30 until 2:15 with a little break in between to empty my boobs for my kid.
oh, that. a child. i'm the only person in my creative writing class with a baby.
this is good and bad.

i'm the only human with a legitimate excuse to constantly be on my phone. (relax. i don't abuse this.)
she's incredible.
my views on life have changed with her, so i'm more interesting as a writer.

having a baby in college basically makes you an alien.
i'm hard to relate to.
plus, as a non-traditional student, i'm like, 30 years older than the average student here. that alone makes me an alien. add the baby and i'm not even an alien from this universe...

i would not trade Henley for all the stars in the sky though, so it works out okay.

college, though eternally interesting, has a pretty boring schedule, especially for a single mama with no friends in life.
 without further ado, my schedule:

6:45: wake up, pump, get cute.
7:45-8:15: Henley wakes up, so i feed her, finish getting cute, get her cute too, which basically means change her diaper and add some different clothes because she's cute always.
8:15-8:45: depending on the day, i'm in school or subbing.
if i'm not subbing:
8:30-9:50: american government. Douglas Bennett teaches this. we're in love. he's a wealth of old knowledge, married, hates to wake up early as much as i do. i literally hang on his every word. he may be the most fascinating man i've ever met.
9:50: i have ten minutes to make it across our tiny campus. i hate walking. i bought a razor scooter, i just zoom down to Khouloud's class.
10:00-11:20: Khouloud teaches diversity. she's a crazy arab woman i think i adore. once in awhile she shouts something to make sure everyone's awake and she says, "is it clear?" all the time. i can hardly understand her, but i think this makes me like her more.
11:20-12:00 (or 1:00 if it's Tuesday.) this break is for bringing jordan home, pumping, and lunch. then zooming on my scooter to class.
12:00: on thursdays, John Branin teaches stuff. we'll see, i haven't actually been to that class yet. otherwise, i have time to read or do homework.
1:00-2:15: julie simon teaches creative writing. she gets off on silly tangents and always talks about her book she started writing in 1994 and barely finished. i'm just saying it better be bomb. 20 years to write a book? dang girl...
2:15-3:45: i get out of school and pick up Henley. there's usually a nap after this.
3:00-9:00: Jordan goes to work, so until Henley goes to bed, we just chill. usually that means a lot of giggling, tickling, and playing with toys and eating snacks. we nap for a couple hours. then we wake up and we usually get a little stir crazy, so we do our fun activities. this includes, but is not limited to:
grocery shopping.
going to the pool. (Henley LOVES the pool.)
institute on wednesdays.
going to the park.
chilling in the backyard hammock, watching Ryker, the upstairs neighbor's puppy who likes to bite and lick toes.
sometimes we go to school socials. only if there is free food.
art insights on thursday nights.
dance parties. (this happens a lot. we like to dance.)
family home evening on mondays. Henley's looking for a man to love us. it's shameless.
we make and eat dinner.
then we play more. switch to jammies. sometimes call Grandma and Grandpa. and then Henley goes to bed.
9:00-bedtime: I do homework will drinking Green Machine Naked juice and a Sparkling IZZE drink.
then i watch my shows and eat a bowl of cereal, depending on my hungry level.
i swipe on tinder for a bit, then i wash my face, brush my teeth, pump, then go to bed.

i know. i'm way interesting. although, lame as it sounds, i'm really enjoying cedar city. i missed this little place of friendly people. i'm excited to make real friends and put down a few roots.
here's to...being happy and content.