Wednesday, March 7, 2012

it's alright with me! :)

this is the song stuck in my head and my heart today:
(the video is kinda dumb, but it's nice to listen to while you read!)

i can't have a bad day if i listen to that song. sometimes it'll come on when i'm in a bad mood and i'll change it purposefully if i'm not quite ready to smile. just sayin'.

okay. ready for an update and some stories, ramblings, etc.?

one. i'm moving to Denver in FIFTEEN days! that's two one day for my mathletes...
i have packed nothing.
i work fourteen of those days. and both jobs on eleven of them. it's fine. i can totes juggle working 12-15 hours a day for 11 days and find some time to cram in packing up all of my earthly belongings.

my march schedule:
now-the 21st: work, try to pack/see as many friends as possible/not lose my mind.
the 22nd: my brother Nick and I will make the ten hour journey in his big, dumb truck.
the 23rd: sign my lease, get my keys, and unpack my stuff.
the 24th: the Colorado Avalanche vs. the Vancouver Canucks @ 8:00 p.m. in Denver with Nick.
the 25th: drive back to utah.
26th: finish packing my stuff, cleaning the room that will no longer be mine.
27th: journey with my bff Holland America to my new little home in Denver, CO.
27-April 1st: party with Holland America, then send her back to utah on the 1st.
April 2: begin my new job at 6:15 in the morning.
forever after that: live happily ever after. at least, that's the plan.

a story:
about a week ago at Cold Stone, this little family came in sporting college hoodies. mom and dad sporting usu hoodies. daughter 1 a byu hoodie with this baby cougar on it that was sooo cute. and baby 2, wearing a utes hoodie. i am OBSESSED with little kids. i love them. so i crouched a little to be able to see them through the glass, and i waved at the older girl in the byu hoodie and asked, "how are you?" to EVERYONE'S surprise, and without any hesitation, she stuck her tongue out and blew air at me.
it completely caught me off guard and i couldn't help but burst out laughing. her parents and everyone else gasped at her response and her parents started spouting off apologies. i waved it off, obviously, as it was the first time i've ever seen a child as completely savage as i myself used to be. if we're being real, i still kind of completely made my night. and in true jaycie-esque fashion, she refused to apologize for being naughty.

my number one joy in life right this second is the list of things people search for that lead them to my blog.
the list includes:
Michael Westin.
hide yo' kids.
confused expression.
you can't start the next chapter of your life until you stop re-reading the last one.
you betta hide.

seriously??? this is how people find me? i'll take it!

today i went through my contacts and deleted every person and place that i won't need once i move to denver. the list included my fave take-out spots, the district attorney who handled my rape cases, the SUU fire marshall, and boys i dated who haven't been on my mind and thus won't take up more room in my life.

it felt a little like moving on. bittersweet, for sure. but also a little exciting. because it cleared up some space for new people and new places!

also, if i make one more customer service call and hear an Indian voice on the line, i might slit my wrists...seriously? is america unable to do anything for herself anymore? or are we just going to outsource it all and continue to be lazy?

and, because i know you guys are always curious what i'll be getting myself into next, a picture of the next item i will purchase, once i get myself all settled into my new place in Denver:
i just can't get over how happy those colors, some of my pairs must be retired soon. it's bittersweet to say goodbye, but SOOOO much fun to welcome new pairs!
love ya, suckas! if you feel a need to see me before my departure, let me know. i just might have a little belated birthday/going away party. we'll see how things look in the next week or so! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

the two minute blog...

i am going to bed in two minutes, regardless of how much i've written in this post. i'll go fast.

i had an interview on Monday to transfer to the Denver site through my current job.
i start on April 2nd.

that's in just one month. it's fine.
i've found an apartment in Denver. I move in on the 23rd.
I'll have a week or so to settle in, and then my life outside of Utah begins.

I plan to attend school out there in the fall of 2013. i'll have in-state tuition by then.

it's going to be a good change. i really am thrilled to start my life! it's exciting to have planned and prepared for this. i've worked really, REALLY hard to get myself into a financial situation where I can up and move at will.

i'm currently working 12 to 14 hour days 4-5 times a week in order to save up as much as possible for my new journey, but that's just the icing on the cake of knowing i'm already there! :)

i decided not to do a new blog. if people get offended here on MY BLOG, they can quit reading...

it's time to get things together. i promise i will post more. perhaps there's an app for that??? i bet there is. and i bet i can find it FREE. i've become a thrifty little spender...only the important things, and discounted if possible. it's fine that i'm becoming a crazy coupon lady. actually, that's inaccurate. i've become a crazy lady.

amen! :) peace, loves. it's now 1:02, two minutes longer than i planned.