Sunday, March 9, 2014


life right now is kind of a wreck.
97% of the time i have no idea what i'm doing.
the other 3% of the time i'm worrying that the few things that seem certain are going to disappear.

so, for the sake of being honest, i'm lonely.
i have yet to find a man who wants to date me.
baby+jaycie+utah boys=super single jaycie.

so here's a list of my tentative plans:
go to school.
keep working.
try to be a good mom.
take my kid to church so she doesn't get ruined as badly.
run a 5k on may 24th.
meet a man and try not to scare him away instantly, which is usually what happens.

that's all i've got.
it's a sad list, i know. that's because of the 97% of me that sucks.

maybe my short-term goal this week can simply be to do the laundry and make a better plan. but with an infant who really likes me, that might be pushing it.

my blog with no baby...

i have created a blog all it's own for my tiny girl. if you want an invite to read the Henley blog, let me know. i decided she gets her own blog so i can go back to writing on this one for myself.
it's always been a journal of sorts, and i've struggled this past year because it's been my pregnancy and baby tracker.
well, i've transferred all the Henley posts from this blog over to her blog and removed them here. now i feel like i can get back to writing for me.
it's a little refreshing. even as a mom, i sometimes still have unique thoughts.
it'll be good to have my blog back to myself. Henley's will probably get all the attention now, but at least i don't have to feel bad plaguing people with stories and whatnots about my tiny goose. that can be an opt-in feature, which will be nice.

so, here we go again!